Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Overcomers of Placenta Accreta

The journey to survival is not an easy one, there are many bumps in the roads. We are overcomers! 


  1. I am hoping to find a similar story with a happy ending. I am having my 6th c section baby due 8/15/17. I was diagnosed yesterday with placenta accreta I am 22 weeks 4 days. I woke up this morning with some pink discharge kind of looks like the start of a period. I want to know what will happen if I go to the hospital. I'm very scared they will make me deliver the baby early. Has anyone experienced bleeding with placenta accreta in the 2nd trimester and what was the protocol? And did you go on to have a healthy baby? Please any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi Helena, my name is Christina Mathewson, you can email me at I'm the President of the Australian Chapter of the Hope for Accreta foundation. I'm more than happy to talk with you.